Our expertise

Tau Pele has, over the years, acquired the skills and capacity to cover all the fields of road construction and rehabilitation. Access to high-quality aggregate, rock, asphalt, modified binders and emulsions is aided by our own network of quarries and manufacturing plants strategically located. This enables our customers to deal with one supplier across the entire project, ensuring that we retain full responsibility for all the materials, design services and construction results.


Road rehabilitation and construction

The effective management of a road construction or rehabilitation project encompasses several capabilities, ranging from technical expertise to project management, to ensure the road is constructed to the required specifications and expectations.
In most road construction projects, a vast array of resources is required to do the necessary work, including specialist fields of expertise such as in-house crushing and screening of aggregate materials, manufacturing and paving of asphalt materials, and the production of modified bituminous binders, including bitumen emulsions.

North west crushers

Crushing and screening

Crushed materials such as aggregates or crushed stone for pavement layers are often required on road construction projects. With our extensive range of plant equipment, Tau Pele has the expertise to carry out in-house material crushing.


Asphalt Production

Asphalt is a specialist product which requires an asphalt plant for the production of asphalt materials. Tau Pele has acquired an asphalt plant to produce asphalt materials on selected projects and carries out its own in-house paving of asphalt materials.

south African road binders (sarb)

Bituminous Emulsion Binders

Similarly to asphalt, modified binders and bitumen emulsions are frequently used on road construction and rehabilitation projects. Tau Pele has acquired a bitumen emulsion plant and the plant required to manufacture polymer-modified bituminous binders. The company also owns its own binder distributors, and is therefore able to apply or spray binders for sealing applications.