Health & Safety

Management of Tau Pele is committed to an active Health and Safety Program and will provide leadership and support to achieve and maintain the highest standards. Management regards the safety and health of employees, customers and the general public as highest priority. The safety and health function consists of integrated participation between management and employees, striving to achieve a workplace which is free of hazards. Management accepts their responsibility to inform those who may be exposed to hazards in the workplace and to develop appropriate operation standards as part of an effective prevention program.

Our Health & Safety Management System aims at:

  • Health and Safety
  • Injury prevention
  • Economic loss reduction
  • Property damage prevention
  • Eliminating losses caused by unplanned interruption to operations


Management is committed to:

  • Comply with applicable Health and Safety Legislation
  • Support efforts in improvement to Health and Safety in the Workplace
  • Promote Health and Safety Training
  • Maintain communication channels with authorities and affected parties


The health and safety committee will review this policy on an annual basis. The proposed revision will be discussed at a management meeting for approval. All employees will be briefed on the contents of the Health and Safety Policy during initial induction training and thereafter at least annually.


It is essential for management and employees to be actively involved to achieve these objectives.

Our Health and Safety Statement

It is the policy of the Management that work is to be carried out in a safe manner, and that occupational Health and Safety is to be regarded as a prerequisite in all operations. The Company attaches great importance to the principle that successful Health and Safety management contributes to successful business management.

To ensure that this policy is effectively enforced each Site Manager in conjunction with the Safety officer on site is responsible tor the formulation of comprehensive procedures in respect of: Health and Safety at work, appropriate to their activities, and for dealing individual and collective responsibilities throughout the management structure.

Management is committed to the progressive improvement of Health and Safety performance and of the management system.

The responsibility for Health and Safety planning rests with Management in consultation with SHE Management Consultants whom, in turn, is accountable to the Board of Directors. The effective implementation and operation of these policies is kept under continual review by Management, who receives information from the Safety officer concerning accidents, dangerous occurrences and overall safety performance.

A vital part of this process is the reporting, analysis and corrective measures resulting from reported incidents or ‘near misses’. There is a direct correlation between the number of near misses, accidents and lost time incidents. In order to manage Health and Safety effectively, data at all levels is collected.

Within the framework provided by these policies, all employees have a part to play in maintaining the highest standards of Health and Safety an in achieving full compliance with legal requirements, which is regarded as minimum standards. The basic need is for every employee to take care of him or herself, colleagues and the general public.

A key element in Health and Safety is to empower individual employees to work safely. In order to achieve this, it is imperative that they:

  • Know what to do, and to that end, is properly trained
  • Have proper tools and resources
  • Can measure what they are doing
  • Can take corrective action where deviations from their targets occur

There is joint consultation on Health and Safety matters with the employee representative through safety committees at all offices and site locations. Management is responsible for the development of an effective organisational structure as a key resource and therefore ensure that all employees receive the necessary training to carry out their duties in a healthy and safe manner and that personnel charged with particular responsibilities for Health and Safety are able to fulfil those duties and obligations. SHE Management Consultants (Competent Health and Safety advisers) is employed, however, while recognising that ultimate legal responsibilities lies with the employer, the operational responsibility for Health and Safety lies with each employee.

This policy is brought to the attention of all employees and persons doing business with Tau Pele Construction.

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